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Free guitar lessons


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Play guitar today.

Playing Guitar: A Beginner's Guide is a PDF ebook that gets you off to a fast and fun start to playing guitar. You'll learn how to play songs after reading just a few short intro chapters. All material is presented in a way that makes learning fun and satisfying.

Here are some skills you'll learn from this guide:

Playing Guitar: a Beginner's Guide

  • How to play songs
  • How to improvise
  • Important chords and scales: the I-vi-IV-V-I progression, the major scale, the pentatonic scale
  • How to play barre chords
  • How to play by ear
  • The best online resources to learn more.

You'll also learn how to read tablature and chord diagrams, and you'll get an intro to reading standard notation.

With easy to follow diagrams and a clear, inspiring approach, Playing Guitar gives you the musical building blocks you need to become a player, whether the style is rock, blues, jazz, fingerstyle or folk.

What would you expect to pay for such a book? Take a quick look around Amazon or another bookstore. You would have a tough time finding a book like this one for under $15. Well, this book is free. There's no catch, only a great way for you to learn guitar, while also learning about other books that has to offer.

Dear Darrin:

I just found the website with your Playing Guitar guide. And even though I am just passed the beginner stage it still taught me things I never knew. Even my guitar teacher said my techniques and different approaches to problems had gotten better, so I told him where I had learned them. He had a look and passed the guide's info on to his other students. Your book is absolutely brilliant and I will be recommending it to my other mates who play guitar.

PS. Keep on writing these books and give beginners a chance of an easier learning experience which is not tedious but fun."

  - Stuart Hayes, England

Get your personal copy of Playing Guitar now by clicking here. The format is PDF, approximately 300K.

Please contact me, Darrin Koltow, with any questions you have about Playing Guitar. I wish you success and enjoyment in playing and learning.


Guitar Lessons on the Net

Quit surfing the Net. Get back to playing guitar.This guide has the scoop on where on the Net to go for free lessons, software and other guitar info, so you don't have to waste precious practice time looking.


Guitar Chords: a Beginner's Guide

Looking for info on chords? Guitar Chords (GC) builds your chops and helps you identify the most important chords by ear. GC shows you how to substitute and combine chords; play Jazz, Rock and Blues progressions; transpose songs; put chords to a melody; apply fingerpicking, alternating bass, arpeggios, and much more.

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