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Miguel Andoor



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"Superb Rigoletto"

"Singing in the title role, Miguel Andoor was not only convincing in his portrayal of the anguished and brooding jester, but also the richness of his darkly colored baritone proclaimed him the unquestionable star of the evening."

Orlando opera singer Miguel Andoor has performed his repertoire in most of the major professional opera companies on the East Coast, where he has costarred with renowned personalities from the Metropolitan Opera. He has received rave notices on his brilliant voice as well as his unusual acting ability, the latter being unique among opera singers. Miguel has worked to perfect his acting style by studying under Madam Petroni of Paramount Studios.

Miguel is accepted on the East Coast as the singer who can present a legitimate and dramatic character portrayal on the operatic stage. Even from his early theatrical ventures, his warmth and charm, combined with his outstanding vocal and acting ability, have endeared him to audiences and continue to bring high critical acclaim. These qualifications, along with a magnificent voice and extensive repertoire, present a feast for the eyes and ears of casual and critical audiences, and that fills the mind and soul.

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