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The mission of is to provide guitar players and those who want to play guitar with the most effective and engaging instruction, so they can pass the point of no return in their understanding of and satisfaction with playing guitar.


Stuck in a guitar rut? Need lessons that make playing fun? Want to know where to find the best free guitar lessons? Need help in playing by ear? The articles on this site can help you.


The One-Finger Guitar Chord Primer
Are you struggling to learn those first open-position chords, like C major, E major and G major? You do not have to struggle. The One-Finger Guitar Chord method gives you a much easier way to learn, remember and enjoy playing your first chords. Using this method, you'll also learn to see how chords work on the guitar and how notes are organized on the fretboard.

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for Guitar
One of Beethoven's most loved works, arranged for intermediate guitarists.

A Mixolydian Scale Blues Guitar Riff
Much ado is made about the blues and pentatonic scales for creating cool blues riffs. But here's another scale that's useful for making riffs: the Mixolydian scale.

Book Review: Idiot's Guide to Playing Bass Guitar by David Hodge
Great for every skill level and musical style.

Aggressive Practicing
by Jamie Andreas

"The attitudes and working habits of the Aggressive Student can be learned by anyone. If you are not used to working with this intensity, it will take some time and a lot of your effort to change. If you want to be the best you can be, you have no choice. "

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"My interpretation of natural talent, or gift, is something you don't have to indulge in at all. This is where people have been mistaken about me. They don't know about the times when I'd be at a movie looking at the picture, but hearing changes. You understand? This is how much determination I had for playing."

- Wes Montgomery



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